A.B Roger & Young Ltd

The practice of A.B.Roger & Young Architects in Brechin was originally established around 1897 by D.Wishart Galloway. In 1929 Galloway was killed in a car accident and the practice was taken over by the Dundee practice Maclaren Soutar and Salmond. In the 1940’s the practice was taken over again, this time by Mr A.B.Roger (ret.1965, d.1969). In the 1950’s or 1960’s the practice took over Honeyman of Montrose and operated a branch office there until 1970. Around 1965 Peter Young (ret. 1993) was assumed into partnership and the practice became A.B.Roger & Young. In 1978 Robert Fraser was assumed into partnership, and he took over the practice in 1993 to become the current sole practitioner. In 2006 Ashleigh Wilson and Stephen Pirie were made junior partners and in June 2011 when Robert Fraser retired (aged 64) they became joint partners of the firm. A.B.Roger and Young are the only Architects Practice in Brechin.

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